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This page is dedicated to one of the truly great musical groups of our time, The Ozark Mountain Daredevils. They have spawned a following of dyed-in-the-wool fans that never tire of hearing their down-home music. To see the Daredevils live, in concert, is an unforgettable experience. May their music carry on forever! We would love to hear from all Daredevils' fans - One BIG, Happy Family.

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The Daredevil's A&M albums from the 70's have been reissued on CD. After many years of pursuing the possibility of getting the older catalog albums put on CD, we acquired the rights to license them.  We released them ourselves through our label, New Era Productions / Records, in conjunction with Universal Music Group.  We invite you to help spread the word about this wonderful news.  So far the reissue series includes the following entire albums in this order:

"The Car Over The Lake Album"
"Men From Earth"
"It'll Shine When It Shines"
"It's Alive"
"Don't Look Down"  

We are very pleased that we are able to release these albums so you can replace your old LP's and tapes with a new CD. The "Quilt Album", It'll Shine When It Shines", "Men From Earth", "The Car Over The Lake Album", "It's Alive", "Don't Look Down", and more titles are available through our Merchandise Department. We have CDs in stock, and we are accepting orders now.  Click on the link above to go to the Merchandise Department where you can order yours.  


2018 concerts scheduled.  Click on the Concert Link above.


Be sure to check out the great T-Shirts, Ball Caps, and Music Selections.  Due to popular demand we now have a “Men From Earth” T-shirt.  It is a great looking shirt!  We also have a simple design of just the band’s name on another shirt.  It is also very nice looking.  Both of them are available through our Merchandise Department.  We are now offering some special pricing on the shirts & CDs.  Click on the link above to go to our Merchandise Department where you will find pictures and ordering information.

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Due to the large amount of mail we receive, pertaining to the availability of older albums, we feel we should inform you that some of them are still out of print. The specific titles being:

"Modern History"
"Now Hear This "
"The 1980 Columbia Album"

Also, we would like to inform you about some of the titles on CD that we basically have nothing to do with. These are:

"Don't Look Down" - River Records (UK) - Doesn't meet our standards of quality.
"Concert Classics - Vol 8" (very poor quality)
"Alive In America" - Renaissance Records - (same recordings as "Concert Classics")
"Masters Of The Road" (same recordings as "Concert Classics")
"Greatest Hits" - Cleopatra label (same as "Jackie Blue" CD)
"Country Gold Ozark Mountain Daredevils" - Their Greatest Hits - Galaxy label (same as Jackie Blue CD)
"Our Most Dangerous Stunts" - Music Avenue label (same as Jackie Blue CD)
"Ozark Mountain Daredevils Sing Their Best" - Country Roads label (same as Jackie Blue CD)

"Ozark Mountain Daredevils - Legends" - Allegro Music (same as Jackie Blue CD)

Sometimes things are done with our material that does not meet our approval. We can't always control that, and thought you should know. Please feel free to write us about anything else you may want to express via the email address on this site. - Thank You  

"Well, the wood keeps burnin' in the old wood stove,
And the cows keep goin' where they done been drove;
And a light keeps glowin' in Dead Man's Cove,
And a loom keeps spinnin' where the weave gets wove."
- Steve Cash , from the "Quilt" Album

  You can Email the Band Members or New Era Productions at: NewEraline@aol.com

"Open Letters from Daredevils Fans" - Fans share their LETTERS.

BY POPULAR DEMAND: "Questions, answered by the band" Here's the Scoop.

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