Title: "Men From Earth"

Year Recorded: 1976
Label: A&M Records
Producer: David Anderle
The Band:
* Buddy Brayfield - piano, electric piano ,organ, oboe
* Steve Cash - harp, vocals
* Rune Walle - guitars, mandolin, sitar
* John Dillon - guitars, mandolin, harp, vocals
* Mike Granda - bass
* Larry Lee - drums, accoustic guitar, synthesizer, vocals
The Songs:
1. Fly Away Home
2. You Know Like I Know
3. Breakaway (From Those Chains)
4. The Red Plum
5. Mountain Range
6. Watermill
7. Noah
8. It's How You Think
9. Arroyo
10. Homemade Wine

The following tracks were originally on the second "Little Red Record", which was issued in limited quantities with the original vinyl LP.  However, they are included with the CD version:

1. A Dollar's Worth Of Regular
2. Roscoe's Rule
Also included on the CD version is "Better Days". This was the B-Side cut of the original "Jackie Blue" 45 RPM record, previously unreleased on any album or CD.

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